topp't Handcrafted Pizzas + Chopped Salads



Love topp’t? We know the feeling and it’s mutual. You could say that we’re in a committed relationship together because we are.

We the people of topp’t Handcrafted Pizza + Chopped Salad are committed to delivering the best ingredients to make the best meals with our hands which feeds you, your friends, and your family. We do this by making freshest food possible. It’s a social responsibility and we’re rising to the occasion with pride because we serve our patrons the same food we serve our families. Why wouldn’t we make it the best we can?


Lovethe Environment?

We also do this in an environment with carefully selected details. We worked with local craftsman to construct the table you sit at and in the environment that you dine in; which has minimal distractions. There’s limited televisions because we want your meal to be the focus but since we’re located within the basketball belt of the country, we realize some of our patrons may enjoy a game with their meal on occasion.

We hope to put a different spin into the world with each pizza we press, each salad we chop, and each wrap we roll. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to feed you.